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CranCom Inc. is a successor company to Mainframe Communications which was founded by Rick Smith in 1996. Advanced Communications and Media was established in 1999 by John Greene. In 2019 ACM was acquired by CranCom forging a executive management team and organization with over 130 years of experience.

There is One Recognizably Overwhelming Problem in The World Today.

That problem is the illegal theft of confidential data. It is being encountered by governments, business and ordinary people every day. All confidential data is subject to being attacked. Hacker attempts are constantly increasing in frequency and becoming greater in size and scope.

"Business Communication Done Right"

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Everyone in the world has been waiting for decades for a real solution….. Argos has it... Argos takes a totally different direction than has ever been tried before. It doesn’t rely on linear processing power in any fashion or form to protect data.

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